My Personality Test (INFJ)

My results revealed that I am an introvert/thinker.  I can honestly say that my results describe me well.  I tend to stay in more so then get out of the house.  I tend to stay away from huge crowds and clubs because I’m only social when I am in the mood.  My brain tends to run a mile a minute due to me thinking about everything under the sun.  This is a good thing because i’m always thinking about what my next move is gonna be and how it will affect my future.  On the downside thinking to much causes me to toss and turn all night causing lack of sleep.  I rather curl up on the couch with a good book, movie, or even cook a nice tasty meal.  These things suit me well, although I do have hobbies that I partake in to get me out the house 60% of the time.  I do get lonely sometimes being that i’m a major introvert but when I sit down and think about it I always realize I have peace of mind.

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