Oh yes I am, a rare Champion.

Kiersey described me as a Champion. I agree. I love people. They are the best creation ever, and they make life interesting. As an emotion driven, sympathetic person I sometimes lead with that foot than rational thinking. I am drawn to people’s stories and how they ended up where they are versus judging them based on normalcy. I look past what people would like others to see. People will try to give you what they want you to perceive them as, but I pay attention to every detail of what they say, do, and how they react to get the real gist of who they are.  Another point was that I am easygoing, and would like to think that I am fun to work with. I make it a mission to make everyone around me smile. So, essentially this test pretty much has me pegged. Or is it just a self fulfilling prophecy, and I want the test to be correct?

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