Unauthentic Louboutins

Fake Site: http://www.christhoeslouboutin.com/

Authentic Site: Christianlouboutin.com

This is a horrible website selling fake, black marketed louboutins for a little of nothing. This site is fake because most Louboutins range  form five hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The style and make of the shoes are somewhat similar but if you compare the two website the original www.christainlouboutin.com website to this one the shoes and website are of a much better quality. You can even tell that the shoes are fake because of the websites name. I believe that this website was set up to get women who are not looking for quality but just for a few quick compliments. Not only is this site advertising to sell Louboutins but also other designers as well, but originally wasn’t this suppose to be geared toward selling only Louboutins.

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