How to Create a Research Paper

You can go through the links at Purdue’s OWL for help getting a handle on the research paper itself.

The Research Paper

What research is and is not. We are doing an analytical research paper. (The next paper, using this research primarily, will be an argumentative paper.)

Note taking and drafting

A specific list of how to take notes

This is a good introduction to research, notes, and how to use them in your paper.

Works Cited
Works Cited general formatting

Citing online sources, including Opposing Viewpoints
Note: Opposing Viewpoints is an online database. In the examples from the online database, Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, the name of the online database, would be the second italicized thing. It would come after the date of publication (since OVRC doesn’t actually use page numbers) and before Web. Make sure you include the date that you looked up your articles. Do NOT include the URL, unless you cannot find your article looking it up by name in the database.

Most of you will be using Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center only. Some of you, though, will also need the online scholarly journal and the page on a website. If you used an online newspaper or magazine article, that is formatted like a page on a website.

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