Peer Editing: Controversial Essay

1. Read the whole paper.

2. Sign your name at the bottom.

3. Check each of the body paragraphs (2-7) and make sure there is a topic sentence. If tehre is not, write “NO topic sentence” on the side.

4. If there is, make sure each sentence is on topic.

5. Check to make sure there is at least one source citation in each paragraph other than the intro and the conclusion.

6. Make sure that each source in the Works Cited is actually used in the paper. If a source is used that is not in Works Cited, write “Not in WC” next to it. If a work is cited that is not in the paper, write “Not used” next to it.

7. Are there any people whose names are used within the sentence? If so, do you know who they are or does the author tell you? If not, write “author” next to it.

8. Is the paper overall organized as:
point 1 side A
point 1 side B
point 2 side A
point 2 side B
point 3 side A
point 3 side B
If not, write ORGANIZATION on the top.

9. Check the first page heading. Is it correct? If so, make a check. If not, make an X.

10. Second (and following) page headings. Does it have last name, #? If not, write two lines at the top of each page where it goes.

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