Name That Painting

1. Name the artist.

2. Name the artist.

3. What is it a picture of?

4. Name that work.

5. Name the artist. Extra points for the title of the painting.

6. Name the artist.

7. Name the artist.

8. This one is by Masaccio. What is it called?

9. This is a panel by Ghiberti called_____________.

10. Name the artist. Extra points if you know who the portrait represents.

11. Bishop used this painting by Perugino to talk about perspective. What is the painting called?

12. Bishop used this cathedral to discuss Renaissance architecture, particularly noting the dome. What city is it from?

13. Name the artist. Extra points for the name of the painting.

14. Who painted this?

15. Who drew this?

16. Who painted this?

17. Who drew this?

18. Name the artist.

19. Name the artist.

20, 21, 22. Name the three greatest artists of the High Renaissance.

23. Name the greatest artist of the early Renaissance.

24. What is chiaroscuro?

25. Which artist group (Florence, Rome, or Northern) used the triangle?

26. Which artist group used the circle?

27. Which artist group painted everyday people?

28. Which artist was most famous for that?

29. The Renaissance celebrated ___________________; partly this is obvious because we know the names of the artists.

30. Name a work with a triangle.

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