Creative (or Collection) Presentation

For the creative presentations:

Think about what you do that is creative. Chioma knits. Natasha’s mother makes pesedores. Jeff takes pictures of train graffiti. Someone plays the bagpipes. Sharon dances.  I write poetry and stories. My son draws. My mother-in-law does needlework. My grandmother makes jewelry.

You need to have a six to eight minute presentation on your creative outlet prepared.

It needs to include visuals, something we can see or watch. These can be something you have made, a picture of something you have made, the tools for what you are going to be talking about, a video of someone doing your creative process (like the Mehendi video).  If you are doing a performance, such as showing us a dance step, then you and the dance are your visuals.

Make sure the outfit you are wearing works for the performance.

If you are going to paint (0r do something messy), bring a drop cloth.

The presentation should be interesting. You may create a video, so that you do not actually have to talk for your presentation, but I need to know that it is your video. So it either needs to have you in it or it needs to be you speaking.

Have fun with this. It’s supposed to be something you know and do well that you are sharing with the class.

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