Get In Line and Follow Me!

HI! I am Kelsey Muse. I am from Oklahoma City. I came to ACU because they had my degree program, which is digital entertainment. and it wasn’t too far from home, but I still am homesick.

About Two years ago, I was attending church and my pastor called one me and prophesied  that I would be a leader someday. I wasn’t sure at the time if I was ready to lead people, and I am still not sure now, but if that’s what God has called me to do, then I am going to do it. I know that as I study at ACU, God will be preparing me for the real world and for leading other people to him. I want to have a career in video game deisgn and eventually have my own company. I know that this is Gods plan for me, and I hope that I can meet people who have the same passion as I do, then, they can just get in line, and follow me!

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