God is here…Not over there

The original six words that described me were: “Computer science is a life major.” While this statement is very true, it does not describe who I am at all. A computer science major is what I am going for while I am here attending Abilene Christian University, but who I am is a much broader question than what I am. First and foremost, I am a child of an awesome God who has given me the opportunity to go to this exceptional university. As that child, I have come to the understanding in my search for God that he is not “over there” in some distant and far off state or country. This has dramatically shaped who I am today. Many times in the past, I looked at other peoples lives and said, “wow, God is over there in their life.” While this statement may be true, it does not nullify my prior statement. God is not just over there. God is here. He is in me. He is actively working in my day from the moment that I wake up until the moment my head hits the pillow after a long day. Long after my parents hop on a plane and fly hundreds of miles away form me to the city of Rochester, New York. This realization has given me a new perspective on my faith in God. I have a more pure and personal relationship with Him. He is not just some God, but rather my God. He does not just love man. He loves me. When I look at God’s love on a personal level, it helps me to make God more present in my life. God is here.

All that having been said, I realize now that so many things have shaped my “God is here” view of my faith and God. Maybe it is the fact that I have traveled all around upstate New York to all sorts of different cities that has contributed to my view. Not to mention the fact that I have visited many different schools over the course of my life. Maybe my view of God has been shaped by my loving parents and little sister who is so much fun to be around. It is even possible that my love of computers has shaped how I view my faith in some significant way. Whatever the reason may be, the fact that I am alive and now find myself ending this very strange spiritual/personal autobiography has really made this evening very enjoyable

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