Nostalgic Maid Loves Flowers, Boy, Home-cookin’

For my six letter autobiography I went for the things that I currently love.

First, I love old things, places, and ideas. If I could travel to any time period it would be to the late 1940s- mid 1950s. We have a ’47 Pontiac that I really want to fix up one day. If its a rusty old antique or even an old photograph of my grandparent’s grandparents, I would be thrilled to see it. All the older buildings (especially the Administration building) on campus make me smile.

Second, I love receiving, picking, seeing, being around flowers. Especially wildflowers. More specifically, TEXAS wildflowers. When I was younger I would bring in small bouquets of Indian Paintbrushes, Bluebonnets, Winecups, and even Dandilions to put in my room. The only time I would not like to be around flowers is if they are being surrounded by bees. Not fun.

I have a boyfriend. This Saturday is our one year anniversary. We are crazy about each other (not to be taken too literally).

The way to my heart is through my mother’s stove. Favorite meal: Barbequed chicken, baked beans, and egg noodles. Her spaghetti, meatloaf, and macaroni and cheese are all top knotch. I’m almost salivating on the keyboard…..

The mystery of my words has been explained. Coming soon: A picture!

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