Doing nothing will get you nowhere.

Back in high school, I used to be the kid that just did enough to get by. I would do all of the classwork, ace it, but go home and do none of the homework. When my grades were dropping, I would always blame the teacher on not doing her job correctly, or giving too many assignments, when really, it was me that just wouldn’t get with the program. This really started to affect me when I started applying for scholarships. I applied for just about anything that came my way, but I could never seem to get many, because my grades were so lower than they preferred. That’s when I realized that i really better start doing my work and to get myself involved with schooling. I started to do my homework, and my grades rose. I re-applied for some scholarships, and ended up with a lump sum of cash. As a music major that I am, I will have to work myself to death with my schooling, my my music classes, my ensembles, and not to mention my hours of practicing! I’m so glad that I arrived at this epiphany before I got to college, or else I would be in lots of trouble.

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