Finding the big reason to live.

As I was writing the title, I misspelled the word “live” and accidentally wrote “love” instead. I quickly corrected myself, then suddenly realized how similar these words can be in this context. During Welcome Week I had a pretty good insight on how this new journey is going to play a major role in my life, and I dived right into it so I could learn more about my faith and my purpose in this world. I was intrigued by the theme that questioned “Who am I?” and I struggled while questioning myself that, going through all that I have, all that I’ve done so far, things I’m good at, everything that I know, only to find out about the simple answer that affirms “I am a child of God.” Simple, yet so hard to figure out – so easy to forget. Still, we are all called to live out this truth, for He has given us breath, He gives us brand new life each day, and He does that out of love. Once we figure that out we begin to find the big reason to live, and just as it was spoken in the beginning: it is very good; we live, to love.

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