Life unexpected, but a fun surprise

Most of my life I have wanted to be some kind of biologist. My parents are biologist and I have been raised with a love of nature, and fascination with its abounding diversity and beauty. Freshman year of high school I decided I would love to study plants as my area of biology and began telling people that was my goal. In high school though, I found myself being greatly influenced by two teachers and two subjects different from my original dream. My art teacher and my history teacher where two incredible, strong women who helped me fall in love with art and art history. Senior year I found myself at a fork in the road where each path had plan, a passion, and different trials. I only had to choose one.  I actually had the opportunity to go on a research trip with the botany professor this summer, which helped me make my decision. I loved seeing the western US, it was an incredible trip, but as talked with him about what I wanted to do with my life I realized I really wanted to be a professor. This led into the notion that I would be an awful biology professor and could teach art or art history so much better. I made my decision, for that and other reasons, and changed to an art major with a history minor. I am doing a research project in the biology department and plan on doing drawings for papers in the publishing process. I am loving my art classes and so far I think it was a wonderful decision. New life plan: make the world a little more beautiful than the way I found it.

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