Making The First Step Towards Forever

Most times when I think of the word “forever”, my mind wanders to cheesy diamond jewelry commercials or cliche adolesent proclamations of affection. Although the word “forever” can be vague and perhaps even overused, I catch myself attaching this word with the highest of meanings. Before I gathered my belongings and drove to the strange new land of Abilene, I had promised my best friend Bre we would still be close. I vowed to come visit her and several other members of my hometown; I said we would be friends forever. In retrospect, that could be called a weak promise, now that I have received my work load. Lubbock is feeling farther away than it had when I first moved in.
Despite human agreements such as mine with Bre, my plan in attending Abilene Christian University was to grow in my faith and become closer to the Lord. In 1 John 5:11 God promises forever to believers in Jesus, “And the testimony is this, that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.” By growing in my faith of God, I hope to also be apart of this eternity.
Four years ago, I swore I would never consider Abilene Christian University on my path of education. I had been enrolled in a private school for almost thirteen years and I foolishly thought negatively of the institution. It was not the religious aspect I grew wary of, but the attitudes of fellow student and the miniscule size. Since my school, Lubbock Christian fed off into LCU and ACU, many considered going to one of these universities. I concluded I would not enjoy either of these simply due to the name and my prejudice of christian education.
Today, having grown up from this notion, I recognize Abilene Christian University as well-qualified, in the way of technology, education, and Christianity. I am so gracious the Lord’s plan took me here, instead of the local university of Texas Tech or the community college I had previously considered attending, South Plains. I am positive I will excel more in Abilene than I would have back home. My assurance comes from the praise and study of the Word I have already witnessed on campus. Hopefully, from this atmosphere, I can come to know God better and take my first baby step towards being His child forever.

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