Singing In The Rain… I’m Soaked

This statement has many different connections to the many different sides of my life. The first side being that I honestly just wanted to be funny. I love to laugh and be laughed at (not in the pointing, humiliating way, of course.) That’s my personality. I don’t like others around me to be tense and I pride myself on being outgoing, so I make people laugh. The second side comes from the Theatre kid in me. I did theatre all through High School and we all know “Singing in the Rain” is a very famous musical. If you’ve never heard of it I’m sure you’ve heard the Glee mash-up of Singing in the Rain and Rihanna’s Umbrella. And if you’ve never seen either then please, for your poor, uncultured sake, Google it, because theatre is a wonderful art form and an amazing thing to be a part of. The third side has to do with choir. I did choir my Junior and senior year of High School and am currently in Choir at ACU. I absolutely love to sing. Actually I just love music in general because it is the product of emotion that is too great to express in any other way than singing your heart out or drumming until your hands bleed. And I think the term “Singing in the Rain” creates a wonderful image of that uncontainable emotion. The Fourth side has to do with my attitude. Notice the sarcastic, almost pessimistic tone of the words “I’m soaked.” There are some days when I can look at the most fun, bubbly, fantastic moments and bring them back down to Earth with a sarcastic counterpoint, something I should probably work on because I really don’t want to be that girl. But on the same page I can take something awful and convince myself that it is completely okay and make do with what I have because there’s no point in being upset all the time, everyone deserves happiness. I guess it just depends on what my mood is. So, on the positive side of the spectrum, you could look at it as saying “I’m soaked anyways so I might as well sing in the rain.” The fifth and final side of this statement in relation to my life is the originality. If I haven’t mentioned I’m a Journalism major, with an emphasis on Photography. And with a theatre and choir background I think it’s safe to say creativity is my thing. Not only in writing but in my ideas and work I’ve done in various art forms. I like to stand out; I want to be known for something extraordinary. So of course I needed to pick something that would give a lot to talk about that would also be interesting and unique, because that’s the kind of person I am. I want to be approached, and not just because I like to talk about myself (let’s face it we all do) but because I love people and I’m genuinely interested in hearing everyone’s testimony. So there you have it, a little bit about me and the five sides of this statement. Kind of like a pentagon, which is ironic because I hate geometry.

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