“Your sister is crazy.” You think?

I struggled long and hard over whether I should use this as my memior or not. But here it sits because I found its meaning to be one of the biggest things that has shaped me as a person (second only to being found and called by Jesus Christ). To make a really long story shorter, my sister has a very, very, very rare mental disorder that is related to Bipolar. So rare that doctors at one point labled her with “Other mental/behavioral disorder not yet specified.” Through the course of my family’s history this has been a constant struggle. I have seen more yelling matches, tears, and cops than I would care to admit. But God has shaped me to be a better person through it, and he is working in me to help me find the beauty in all situations. “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes3:11a. The memior comes from my experience with countless therepists, doctors, counselors, and concerned family and friends, of which most have insisted they know better when it comes to my sister than my family does. Oh how wrong they have been, and how wrong they will continue to be. On the bright side these experiences have lit in me a passion for combating stupidity wherever it may rear its head and for that I am greatful.

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