Loving to laugh while with friends


The times I feel most blessed happen when I’m surrounded by my friends. These are the times I feel most happy, comforted, and secure. My friends are those that encourage me to be me; to let loose, relax and laugh. To me, laughing is the best medication. It brings me ease in tough situations and hope when I feel lost. God has blessed me with friends I can grow old with. The kind that persistently stay in your life when you think you’re strong enough to live without them. I catch myself thinking in the moments I’m with my friends that life is worth every kind of struggle when you have people there to laugh with in the end. God willing, these are the people I will continue to laugh with as I have for my entire life.

This picture was taken in May 2011. It is of me (on the left) and one of my best friends, Fiona (on the right). We had just gone to a concert downtown in Austin, Tx, and were standing outside waiting to meet the band. We were laughing together when one of my other friends took this candid picture. It caught us in our natural state together; full of laughter. Photo credit: Maggie Pratt


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