New quest, adversities bound. Must accept.

Ever since I was little I always wondered if I would reach the age of 18. Obviously I knew that it would come some day but it seemed so far away that it would never happen. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this time because I enjoyed the life I was in, especially recess. In the past few months as the time came nearer and nearer I thought back on when I was a little kid. The time I thought would never happen has come. This is that new quest in my life that seemed so far away that I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like. I’ve had no experience on my own, nor have I had any experience in any kind of college environment. Therefore, I knew that there would be difficulties that I would come across and I have to embrace that fact to prepare myself for what will lie ahead. The time had come so fat but it was here, I couldn’t pass up this opportunities and I just jumped right on this train. It never seemed like a choice to me. It seemed like something that you just did when you reached a certain point in your life.

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