Worship spills from rhythms I compose.

Coming from Austin I wasn’t quite accustomed to A Capella styled worship. God has blessed me with the ability to create rhythms with my hands and mind. I have been a percussionist for eight years. For most of those eight years I have played the djembe, an African drum, and a drum set. There are many talents that God has certainly bestowed upon me and singing is not one of them. Most people at ACU sing to worship God during Chapel and church. While, yes, I do sing (very poorly I might add) along with the rest of you it is not a gift I was given. For one reason or another, I have always been incredibly passionate about worship. Praising our God, Lord, and Savior has been a deep love of mine for as long as I could play music with another person. A Capella is how most ACU express their love to God; for me, my drum is how I express those feelings. There’s something about playing with someone and singing to God about how awesome he is that presents a feeling unlike any other. Some people are opposed to contemporary music; the Bible does say we should sing and worship. Just because I am not using my vocal chords to praise him does not mean I am not worshiping the same as you. I simply express my voice in a series of rhythmic patterns that compile themselves with a string, with a certain tension, being plucked to form a harmony. If you are against contemporary worship that is your personal feeling. Simply put, I worship the way I have been taught just as you do. The love for the Lord that you have is something I share as well. My manner of expression may be different and hence even may make you uncomfortable. However, when everything is said and done worship is my passion and I love the Lord.

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