Seeing life as a treasure hunt.

This picture is a genuine example of treasure.  How many people drive down this road daily, and never notice the flower? If we do not slow down our lives and look around for the beauty we will miss it, and we don’t want to miss a treasure like this!

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  1. StephenSimmonds1 says:

    Slowing down our lives will let us see the beauty that God has placed in our lives for us to see and appreciate. That sunflower truly shows that due to the traffic flying right by it, not even glancing back to realize what’s there for us.

  2. marandanajar1 says:

    I forgot the URL. Sorry!

  3. danSancho says:

    In my post I talked about “Finding the big reason to live,” and hunting down the little treasures in life is a great one. Life is short, so why are we in such a hurry? Walking in His ways we wait for Him, but until that day, let us enjoy creation, for it is beautiful.
    Great analogy!

  4. alihayes3 says:

    This concept is the same one I had. I posted a sunset, explaining that God puts little things into our lives to give us some hope and joy. I love this picture and I love your saying; very creative and true!

  5. Alli Terry 1 says:

    That’s a great reminder. With college starting I find myself to stressed and busy to enjoy the simple little things, such as warm laundry, smiles, the feel of the morning, and ACU’s unnaturally green grass. Awesome photo!

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