Great role model. Trying my hardest. (image)

(this is my picture)

Here is my sister, Chandler. This is my best friend and the person that i think about before everything i do. She is the complete reason behind my six word memoir. As you can see we are so close. I know that everything i do she is watching me and thinking that if i do it then.. its ok for her to follow my steps.

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  1. Ken.Hu says:

    Beautiful to say the least. I say this because its more than a blessing to have someone look up to you and vice versa. Its also amazing to simply be able to impart anything to anyone else in a positive way. The best part about your memoir/image is that your making the most of your oppurtunity to do this in your sister’s life, which is more than can be said for others.

    Kendrick Hurd

  2. SarTop3 says:

    I love that you are so dedicated to being a godly role model for your sister. I have two younger sisters, and it’s true that you have the ability to influence them in a way not many other people can. Even if they won’t admit it, they admire you and want to follow in your footsteps. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’m always the best role model for my younger sisters. This post reminds me to really watch what I do and say so I can have a positive impact in their lives…

  3. RenaeT930 says:

    I know what you mean! My younger sister, Rachel and I are only thirteen months apart. It seems like we’re more friends than sisters. I feel like she’s always watching me and it makes me want to do better things because I know she’s watching me.

    “God gave me my sister, my BEST FRIEND.)

  4. Dr. Davis says:


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