How to Post a Picture to the Blog

Go to “Add New Post.”

Once you are there, look above the section of the page where you will type, like I am typing now. It will look like this:


Then click on the square next to Upload/Insert that is a box inside a box. That is the first one after Upload/Insert.

That will let you select a file from your computer (not from the net) that can be uploaded.

Once you have selected a file and it appears, it will look something like this:

Then scroll down where you will see this:

Click on the “Insert into Post” button.

You can choose how big the picture is and whether it is centered, left, or right in this section as well.

Then make sure you give the link where you found the picture, or tell me how you got the picture (You took it or drew it.).

If you are inserting a link, write what you want to be highlighted. So, if you were posting a link to your previous post on the six-word autobiography, you might write:

Connections: God’s grace in disparate experiences.

Once you have written that, highlight it by selecting it. Then go to the dashboard:

On the dashboard, choose the link box (the one on the right, not the “unlink” box on the left):

This will ask you to fill in the URL (web address) that you want to link your words to. Put that in and then click  “Add Link.” The words you highlighted will turn blue and anyone can click on the link and go directly to the URL you added.

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