Life’s A Journey, I Feel Behind (image)


I chose this image because it is perfect. I feel even though everybody is ahead in growing up, I am still trying to catch up with them. Not giving up but adjusting.

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7 Responses to Life’s A Journey, I Feel Behind (image)

  1. Dr. Davis says:

    I love the visual.

    I often feel that I am behind, too.

    I also like the words… Sometimes quitting is the best choice a person can make, but oftentimes finishing at all IS better than quitting.

  2. AndrewLovins1 says:

    It’s also important to remember to learn as much as you can from those who have gone before you. You may be behind, but you have the support and wisdom of those who have gone through the same struggles already. Never give up!

  3. Landon1 says:

    Being behind can make you more appreciative of each step you take forward. It can give you the proper mindset. Sometimes being ahead can go to a persons head and make them arrogant.

  4. Ken.Hu says:

    Being bold is more fitting to discribe this post. Why bold? Very simple to answer, I say bold because alot of people feel this way at different moments in life (Including myself), yet fail to speak up about it for what ever reasons. Also take to heart that everyone has their seasons in life and that if you continue in faith your time will come to pass.

  5. Garrett3 says:

    I had a coach in high school who would always tell us that “It wasn’t about winning the race, but finishing with all you got.” Hopefully this can be an encouragement to you as it has been to me recently.

  6. JoeyPrince3 says:

    We are all train to run the race. “let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” some people start fast and slow down over time, some start slow and find a good pace for them. My advice to you is to not worry about catching up with the people around you, but rather to find a pace that is good for you and keep going that pace. Understand that your not going to get left behind.

  7. BMoore3 says:

    I know what you’re talking about, being undeclared I feel like everyone around me is so far ahead. God has a plan for everyone though, it’s just taking people like you and me a little bit longer to figure out what we’re supposed to be doing with our lives. Gods always looking out for us though, never forget that.

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