Making The First Step Towards Forever (Photograph)

I took this photo on my maternal grandparents’ farm outside of Granite, Oklahoma with a Canon Eos. I chose this photo because sunsets have an everlasting feel. When I reflected more upon “forever” I thought about things that represent endlessness. Although someday, sunsets might cease to exist on Judgment Day, for now I believe they are a sign of eternity. Since the beginning of the world, sunsets have marked the end of each day, and continue to do so. This is not our forever, but it’s the world’s forever.

I also simply just appreciate the beauty of sunsets.


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  1. DAJ3 says:

    That’s a good comparison and a really cool picture, nicley shot. True that sunsets are vast and endless just like eternity and will never cease(unless the sun falls from the sky but hopefully Jesus will have returned before then haha) until the end days when who knows maybe there still will be a sun, just days won’t matter anymore because we’ll be living in eternity. Honestly when I try to imagine the unfathomability of eternity and the idea of living forever and ever though it kind of scares me a bit. Even so I know that God will reward us for staying faithful to Him with more than we can imagine and have a special place for us right there in His kingdom. Plus not to mention we will be livng in eternity with our Lord and Savior so what could be better?

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