Illustration Peer Review

1. Get out two sheets of paper and put the MLA heading on each.
2. Read through the paper you have to peer review.
3. Then, for the title on your paper, write the person’s name and what word they are illustrating.
4. Count how many illustrations they have. Write that number down. (One ill. can have more than one para.)
5. Then take two of their illustrations and list out the details in each. (First 2 for first paper you read, last 2 for second paper you read.)
6. Go through and put a check next to each detail that makes sense to you and seems to relate to the word they are illustrating.
7. Put a plus next to each detail that they explained how it relates to the word they are illustrating.
8. In the left margin next to the details’ beginning, rank the illustration. From the whole paper, is it the strongest (#1), second (#2), etc. –Make sure you don’t just use the two illustrations you detailed.

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