What is the commercial appealing to?

These felt needs are listed in Different Types of Advertising Appeals:

personal appeal- purchase product to get an emotion
social appeal- to gain status or recognition or belonging, etc
fear appeal- to stop something from happening
humor appeal
sex appeal
music appeal- Music can increase persuasiveness of ad by giving it credibility.
scarcity appeal
rational appeal
masculine appeal- to be/seem/become more masculine
feminine appeal- to be/seem/become more feminine
brand appeal
snob appeal
adventure appeal- change your life radically! Buy X.
less than perfect appeal- make person feel they are not good enough, buy this to get better
romance appeal
emotional words/sensitivity appeal- ads focus on sensitivities of the audience
youth appeal
celebrity endorsement
play on words
plain appeal- regular folks using it in everyday life
bandwagon appeal- everyone’s doing it!

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