Evaluating the Evaluation :)

Read the draft at a normal speed from beginning to end. As you read, do the following:

  • Place a wavy line under any passages that seem confusing, don’t seem to fit, or slow down your reading.
  • Place a star next to any passages where you think the writing is particularly strong or interesting.

Read the draft again slowly and answer the following questions with a brief explanation of your answer. You may write on the back of their papers.

  • How does the writer draw the reader in with the introduction? How could it be more effective?
  • What criteria does the writer use for evaluating their commercial? How could the write establish or defend these criteria more clearly or persuasively?
  • What evidence does the writer present to show that the commercial meets or fails to meet each criterion?
  • How could the writer more effectively bring closure to the argument the writer is making about the quality of the commercial based on their criteria?
  • Were you persuaded by the writer’s argument? Why or why not?
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