About Dr. Davis

Teaching Experience:

I am a teacher. I have taught college English at two SLACs (small liberal arts college), one of the Big Ten, three community colleges of very different populations, and one small public university.

In 2010-11 I was a full-time instructor for Houston Community College. Last year I returned to Abilene Christian University in a tenure-track position.

I  worked as an adjunct (part-time instructor) at Lone Star College for nine years. I also taught for two years as an adjunct at Houston Baptist University. I taught previously at Abilene Christian University as an instructor for four years.

In addition to that, I have taught a remarkable variety of subjects in some wildly different settings. I was the main teacher in a one-room schoolhouse. I have taught elementary students poetry, history, and science. I have taught middle school classes on history, apologetics, and creative writing. I have taught high school history, biology, and English. I have homeschooled two sons to college.

Other Experience:

Aside from teaching I have worked at McDonald’s and as a waitress, a bookstore clerk, a tutor, and a secretary for the Spanish-speaking church in French-speaking Geneva, Switzerland. I have copy edited three technical manuals for computer software, created a brochure for a non-profit, and translated articles for publication in an international Christian magazine. In addition, I was the director of business writing at Purdue University.


I have a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition from Purdue University. I am a composition instructor by training and by preference. My second field is Old English language and literature.

My master’s emphasis was on Modern American and Old and Middle English literature.

My undergrad was a dual major in history and English with a minor in biology from Abilene Christian University.

Professional Involvement:

I am very involved in conferences. In 2009 I presented at four national and seven regional conferences. In 2010 I presented at four national/international conferences and four regional conferences. In 2011 I presented twice at MLA and also presented at the national PCA, where I won an award, and the International Medieval Congress. In 2012, I presented at MLA and CCCC so far. This fall I also will present at SCMLA.

My book How to Write About Shakespeare’s Romances

was published in 2010. In addition, I have several articles which have been published on pedagogy (teaching) including:
Mobile Learning in the Classroom: Phoning in to Literature
Incorporating Digital Literacy into the Composition Classroom
Teaching the Taboo: Reading Mental Health and Mental Illness
The Use of the Familiar to Introduce Literature
Early Medieval Revenants in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Writing in the Social Sciences: An Old Concept, A New Course

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