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My Calling in Life

I have always known that I would be working in the medical field.  I started out working at veterinary clinics in high school, fourteen years ago.  I enjoy working with animals but realized I needed to move on and challenge … Continue reading

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Amy’s Riddle

Sometimes sitting smaller than another. Like a maze with memories about. Keeping the unwanted out. It is okay when the rain pours and the seasons change. But not always when mother natures rage appears. With a little tender loving care, … Continue reading

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Good Study Habits Aren’t Always Easy

The time a student should spend studying suggested by Mr. Bennett is how much time I do spend studying. I don’t always think I use my time wisely, but tend to get good grades. I had a professor tell the … Continue reading

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Determined, But Taking Longer Then Expected

When I first started college in 2006 I was hoping to be in the RN program by now, but as life continues not always do things go as planned. I am married and have to work full time to pay … Continue reading

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What Makes Me Who I Am

10 things I am good at: Working hard, texting, cleaning, listening, taking care of my animals, talking, shopping, organizing, being a friend, and being a wife. 10 groups I am part of: Veterinary Technician, Lone Star College, married, pet lover, … Continue reading

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