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According to the Bible, which I strongly believe in. Jesus became very wise at a young age. By age twelve he was preaching and teaching Gods word. Every adult that heard him speak, marveled at this great wisdom that had been bestowed … Continue reading

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‘The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom “, The real source of wisdom comes from God himself.  To revere and fear Him would be The starting point of getting wisdom  . Therefore we can enjoy life the wrong … Continue reading

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Ten Groups I Am A Part Of

Family Church Student Services HCC PTA Neighborhood Watch MADD NAACP Cancer Society Girl Scouts of America

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Ten Things I Am Good At

Coooking Driving Sewing Baking Swimming Skating Cleaning Decorating Coordinating

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I See What You See

I can be hard or soft. People really like me, children love me. I come in all flavors and I am always cold. Who Am I?

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Food For Thought

I am oval in shape. I have a bright color. You can drink me, eat me, and cook with me. I have a zesty taste. Who am I?

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