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I am a quiet person.

“Life Is Pain, Deal With It”

I have passed through difficult moments through out my life but I feel they have made me who I am. I feel this phrase can describe me NOW, but hopefully not LATER. If I would have to choose something to … Continue reading

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Best Time Ever!

I tried to think of my best memory, or the best day in my life, but not many came up into my mind except a trip I took with my friends around three years ago.Every year, my entire family and … Continue reading

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Sex Education or No Education

Do you know enough about sex to say that you are an expert? Most likely you do not. Every day new statistics show how teenagers are uniformed about issues that affect their future and everybody else around them. There are several programs that … Continue reading

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Feed The Hunger…Cook!

Equipment in a kitchen and much more This website contains information about the equipment used in a kitchen, as well as great recipes for a complete meal. It explains what the equipment is and what is it use for. Healthy … Continue reading

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