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Online communicating

I use Facebook, Myspace, and my personal email account. I use the email account mainly for work or school or for when I buy things online and they send confirmation. I have stopped getting on my myspace account very often … Continue reading

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Dogs are amazing animals that have formed quite the friendship with humans. They are naturally loving and are only mean if someone causes them to be that way. They are known as Mans best friend, and most of the time they … Continue reading

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Riddle me this- What am I?

You cannot touch me. You will never stop me, though many try. If you do stop me, you will die. Your whole world revolves around me. I am the essence of everything. What am I?

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Saying goodbye to my social life

I found Jeff Bennett’s article “Hints on How to Succeed in College Classes,” pretty typical.  Although this is my first semester in college, I have always had  teachers or parents tell me, “You won’t get away with that in college!” … Continue reading

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Moving on

“Just grow up, and move on.” I wrote about moving from place to place in my last post, so I felt I probably should’t write about it again. I tried to think of something else I could write my autobiography on, but … Continue reading

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14 schools later…

10 things I’m good at Eating Sleeping Making people laugh Loving (God, family, friends, my country, etc..) Watching movies Adapting to new places Being a Christian Arguing Taking pictures Cooking Italian food 10 groups I’m a part of A 2009 … Continue reading

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