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I must live to enjoy life!

Then:  When I was younger my life seemed so awful. What pre-teen doesn’t think that though? My mom has always favored my brother and given him all the attention which left me to act out and screw up without any … Continue reading

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Two o’ clock in the morning, I rolled over in bed with the worst stomach ache ever. I have had so many false alarms that I was afraid to react too quickly. I beat my husband up trying to wake … Continue reading

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Interracial Marriages

Interracial marriages are becoming more and more common across America. My husband and I are a perfect example of an interracial marriage. He is Hispanic and I am white. We don’t notice people talking when we are together. Maybe that … Continue reading

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How to be a Good Mother

Being a mom is a lot harder than it looks a lot of times. So here are some sites that I found that should help people uderstand what being a mom takes. 25 Things Every Mother Should Know This is … Continue reading

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