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Life is about art and writing is one of the greatest art forms known to man.

Italy, a Cinder Setting.

In this version of Cinderella, there were three daughters born to the same father, and their father was whisked away to work in some other land for a time. Two for his daughters sought material things, so it was a … Continue reading

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Swan Maiden, the Hunter’s analysis.

In the Fairy tale titled, Swan Maiden, the hunter is the protagonist. Though, he does not appear to be a very good man. He is sneaky, conniving, kidnaps and threatens a woman in order to make him his wife, and … Continue reading

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My thoughts, my rules.

When it comes to the online literary comunity, there are many different areas of expertice and experimentation. Blogging is one of the main staples of this communication. From science journals to local articles, the online database is teaming with information. … Continue reading

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Brain Teaser

What begins in the womb, Covers every shape and size, Changes colors in the sun, And never stops growing?

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Deeper Meanings~.

You can wilt and not wither. Certain flowers are known to wither in the hot sun, but selective breeds come back in the evening and display their brilliant colors. Like the plants, I have a tendency to retract myself when … Continue reading

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The Seesaw.

I am a wonderful: 1.  Baker 2. Dog Trainer 3.  Singer 4. Poet 5. Writer 6.  Comedian 7.  Actress 8. Orator 9. Maid 10. Sister I affiliate myself with: 1. FMA (Future Mothers of America) 2. Middle Children 3. Reformed … Continue reading

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