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Freedom Paragraph

Freedom is something that keeps life going. I have freedom to love anybody I want.Freedom to scream out loud if I win a million dollars. The freedom to smile at a pretty baby. Whenever I get tried I have the … Continue reading

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Defination of freedom

The dictionary  defination of freedom is different from my defination of freedom.The word freeedom to me mean ,not only to do what you to want ,but to also to feel what you want. I have  the freedom to to love who  … Continue reading

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Abstract Noun

1)Freedom: web definition -the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint. my definition: having the choice to be your self and to achieve your goals and dream without anyone stopping you … Continue reading

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10 things that im good at 10 groups that im part of

1.)sleeping 2.)eating 3.)Braiding hair 4.)Dancing 5.)playing volleyball 6.)loving my mom 7.)begining myself 8.)fighting 9.)singing 10.)acting 1. basketball team 2. volleyball team team 4.choir 5.sister 6.geoerge forman young center 7.cheerleading 8.wrestling 10.little league football team

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latrina’s riddle

i can be cut or sort i can be any color you want i can reused i can be glued i can be long are short ,how ever u want be to be i can be thin or thick i … Continue reading

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