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Gingerbread Man

from: Within the fairy tale Gingerbread Manthere are multiple characters who play a role. the main character is the gingerbread man himself. He can be considered both a static and dynamic character. he is considered a static character because … Continue reading

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School can be both a lively and a deprssing place. People spend around 12 years inside this building learning something new everyday. A school is a place where friends can meet and hang out. It can be a place where … Continue reading

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Riddle of time

I rose, fell, and rose again I’m strong enough to break your chains many people proclaim my name I reside in the past, present, and the future who am I

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did this today

drawing sports hacky sack listening playing video games high school math helping others competitive video games driving directions   christan lone star students church atrist sport lover hacky sack players eater brother older brother college student   through out my … Continue reading

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