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Home – a place where one lives Quotes – “I hope you come home for christmas”

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Ron Burgundy?

I am Strong I am fast I am good at catching the enemy But i never said i could fly What am I?

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For my topic I chose athletes and drugs because its important to me. Im an athlete and i look up to other athletes but when they do drugs it takes away from there character. Drugs are like cheating and its … Continue reading

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Life Sucks!…Get use to it

My life does not suck because I like to keep things fresh.  But in life you have your downs and for me i have had my share of downs.  I’ve learned from my mistakes that eventhough you might rereat  it, you … Continue reading

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This is What I’m All About!

The ten things that i am good at are 1.being a good son, 2.being a brother, 3.babysitting, 4.running, 5.lifting weights, 6.having lots of fun, 7.being a friend, 8.working hard, meals 10.and getting my rest. The ten groups that i … Continue reading

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