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Serita D

I keep you steady, I make you swoon I make you run outside, or stay locked up in your room I make you laugh, I make you cry, I make you want to live forever, Or even want to die, … Continue reading

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Serita’s Riddle

I’m round but not always around sometimes I’m light, sometimes I’m dark, sometimes I’m both, Everyone wants to walk on me but only a happy few have

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Hints on How to Succeed in College Classes

In Jeff Bennett’s, Hints on How to Succeed in College Classes, he discusses the hours needed to study in order to make a good grade in a class or study “Effecively”. I disagree with theses hours because I am currently … Continue reading

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6 Word Autobiography

I became aware, then I learned… I tend to hear about a lot of things in today’s society, but I never stopped to analyze the concept of things. I chose hese six words because I tend to hear about things before I … Continue reading

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10 Things I Am Good At 1. Math 2. Dancing 3. Acting 4. Cleaning 5. Planning 6. Speaking 7. Driving 8. Eating 9. Sleeping 10. Working 10 Groups I Am a Part Of 1. Junior Daughters 2. Y-PAC 3. National … Continue reading

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