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I am 5'4 feet tall. I love spicy foods. I can burp the alphabet. I love painting my fingernails! I absolutely, positively love music and singing! I sing everyday. I like classical music, but I mostly listen to most rock music and its subgenres. I like metal too! :) I enjoy reading. I adore bright and catchy colors. Shoes are an obsession! I never go anywhere without my ipod. i used to write poetry. I love to talk and meet new people, but I am too shy to go out and randomly introduce myself. That just about scratches the surface of me! :)

Look! A baby!…

That is what it should be considered at conception, but other people seem to think otherwise. Did you know that a babies’ heart starts beating at week two of a pregnancy? Abortion is the killing of another human being. Most people do … Continue reading

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Have to describe myself in six… dang!

Music is beautiful; life is mine. Music is a very big part of my life. I live in it. I breathe it. I feel it. Music defines my life and how I live it. In a way, music saved me … Continue reading

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