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Six word autiobiography

“Music makes the world go round” I feel that Music is another way of expresssion. Music makes me feel happy. If we did not have music the world would be so boring. Music helps us say what we are to … Continue reading

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The best memory

The best memories I have had have been when I am singing. October 6,2007 I auditioned for a Spanish singing competition. I was not sure if I should have gone but my family and friends believed in me. I did … Continue reading

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School Violence!

School violence is an issue that has evolved from bad to worse over time. More than six thousand young people were caught in schools with guns and only thirteen were prosecuted. What does that say about the way we handle … Continue reading

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Helping Animals

The Humane Society. This site is very useful to know about the issues that affect our pets. Also gives sites and information on other animal shelters. Also wants to help stop puppy mills, which are breeders that keep animals locked … Continue reading

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